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    China Agriculture Press Co., Ltd. (CAP, subsidiary: Rural Readings Press) is a large comprehensive publishing company under the direct leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, PRC. It was founded in 1958 and awarded the honor as one of the first fifteen National Excellent Book Publishers.

    The products of CAP cover publications, audio-visual products, electronic products, agricultural knowledge online platform. The publications are classified into the following categories: agricultural professional books (science and technology, economy and management, ancient classics, encyclopaedia, statistical reports, standards, magazines); popular books (leisure books, children’s books, educational books, literary and art books); agricultural textbooks (textbooks for agricultural colleges and vocational schools, training books for farmers).

    By the end of 2021, 614 kinds of books and 917 kinds of textbooks published by CAP has won various national, provincial and ministerial levels awards. CAP makes significant contribution to agricultural development and the prosperity of rural culture of our country.

    CAP has built up good co-operative relationship and copyright trade with some worldly famous publishing groups as Elsevier, Springer, Wiley, Taylor, excellent publishing houses and influential copyright agencies from USA, UK, French, Spain, Japan,etc. The cooperation publications have achieved prominent social and economic benefits. CAP translated and published many great books of veterinary, garden and children. Meanwhile, CAP books of tea culture, agricultural civilization, crop cultivation, and agricultural economy were translated into foreign language and published in English-speaking countries,as well as Russia, Japan, Vietnam Poland and Kazakhstan.

    農業科技 大眾讀物 少兒讀物 更多>
    Diagnose and control of...
    This book introduces the characteristics of major diseases and insect pests, occurrence regularity, scientific identification, green comprehensive control technology,etc.
    Color Atlas of Pest con...
    The book introduces the disease identification and green prevention and control technology,etc.
    Nutrition and Fertiliza...
    The contents of 4 chapters include nutrient characteristics, nutrient diagnosis, rational fertilization and correction of nutrient imbalance, etc.
    Production and Pests Co...
    This book has 5 chapters in total, covering the distribution, shape, production area, cultivated varieties, biological features, reproduction and pest control of wax apple. It can provide technical support for the cultivation of wax apple, pest control and domestic and foreign trade.
    Production and Pests Co...
    This book caputures captures the contents of mealybug, moths, thrips and mites as well as fruit diseases, including biological features, disease and pest control, fruit harvesting and storage, culture, food and health care of durian and mangosteen.
    Production and Pests Co...
    This book introduces the botanical and biological characteristics, reproduction and cultivation, fruit value, diseases and pests, green control and trade of avocado.
    A Brief History of Pota...
    This book mainly describes the origin, industry, distribution, nutrition and characteristics of potato.
    A History of Rice in Ch...
    This book contains more than 20 major works on the history of rice cropping research by Mr. Zeng Xiongsheng, a doctoral tutor of the Institute of Natural Science History of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,involving paddy field agricultural tools, rice field planting systems, and rice crops.
    The Art of Water Grass ...
    This book introduces several methods in making water plant landscaping and some problems that need to be paid attention to during the process, combined with many beautiful pictures of landscape works.
    Landscape Design of Tro...
    This book is an upgraded and extended collection version of the book The Art of Water Grass Landscape: from entry to master ".
    The Art of Water Grass ...
    This book is an in-depth introduction to Southeast Asian fruits from the unique perspective of a florist who has visited Southeast Asian rainforests for many times in the past seven years.
    Life with Plants
    This book introduces the whole process of designing and decorating a villa. After years of efforts, the author has transferred the villa into a plant museum that can accommodate hundreds of plant specimens.
    Revealing the secrets o...
    I love my hometown is a book series, it is divided into 5 volumes. This Volume in particular introduces certain representative and interesting intangible cultural heritage of China, and feel the charm of Chinese intangible cultural heritage culture.
    Nature and History Less...
    The book series of Nature and Hisotry Lessons in the Field is created by Milai Children's Book Studio,recommended by Yuan Longping, the father of hybrid rice, sold 20 thousand copies in 2 months.
    Let’s go Stargazing
    This book introduces the techniques of star gazing, constellation knowledge, the traditional Chinese "star official" division system, etc.


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